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Expand your own online services for solar consulting and solar sales with the solar potential data from the API and benefit from valuable analysis results and from an automated simulation of a solar system.

Detail images of irradiation analysis and suitability of the roof surface

The technology

How it works

The API is requested with longitude and latitude and offers various co-configuration parameters in order to be able to carry out the automatic design of a PV system as well as a meaningful profitability calculation. A system design as well as the profitability of a photovoltaic system are calculated. The API generates detailed images for each building, illustrating the irradiation and shading situation (left; blue to dark red) and showing the roof areas that are suitable for generating solar energy (right; dark blue and light blue).

Product features

Customised solutions for your marketing

Automatic module placer

Realistic assessment of the potential

Consideration of size, shape and slope of the roof surface

Licensing model

Pay-Per-Use licence with minimum purchase of credits

Payment only per requested building

Calculate several calculation variants but only pay once*.

*(unless a fundamental recalculation of the building is required due to new 3D surface data).

Data basis

Free or licensed data

Date for more than 135 million buildings available in Europe

Also available as No-Data API

Economic efficiency calculation

Complete economic efficiency calculation

Underlying parameters can be adjusted individually

Portrait von Romina Höftmann
Romina Höftmann, Project manager
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